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Rep. Jackson’s Statement on Pelosi’s Illegitimate January 6 Committee

WASHINGTON — Representative Ronny Jackson (TX-13) released the following statement in response to a letter he received from the illegitimate January 6 Committee:

“Yet again, the illegitimate January 6 Committee proves its agenda is malicious and not substantive. It speaks volumes that the Committee would choose to share its letter with the media before it was shared with me. I do not know, nor did I have contact with, those who exchanged text messages about me on January 6. In fact, I was proud to help defend the House Floor from those who posed a threat to my colleagues. The Committee’s witch hunt against me is nothing more than a coordinated attempt to do the media’s work on taxpayers’ dime. Their attempt to drag out a manufactured narrative illustrates why the American people are sick of the media and this partisan Committee’s use of January 6 as a political tool against conservatives they do not like. For these reasons, I will not participate in the illegitimate Committee’s ruthless crusade against President Trump and his allies.”