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Rep. Jackson Introduces Legislation to Improve Transparency in Export Controls

WASHINGTON, DC — Last week, Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX-13) introduced the Maintaining American Superiority by Improving Export Control Transparency Act to improve transparency and accountability with regards to export controls. This legislation would require information be provided to Congress about each export license application. This includes the name of the entity submitting the application, who they are exporting to, what the decision was, and how compliance with U.S. export controls is being monitored. 

Jackson said: "Export controls are a critical tool for ensuring the national security of the United States. While America welcomes free trade with many countries around the world, it is not a one-size-fits-all policy. The dangerous practice of unrestricted export controls leaves the door open to America providing China with tools and resources they might use to undermine America as a global leader, both militarily and economically. If left unchecked, our export control policies could have disastrous consequences on the world stage. Therefore, Congress must do everything in its power to keep America first and protect our national security interests, this includes improving transparency and accountability for our export controls which my legislation seeks to do. I look forward to this legislation’s rapid consideration and hope to see it signed into law soon!” 

Bill text can be found here.